Allstore Storage
1. Who are Allstore ?
2. What do we do ?
3. Where are Allstore ?
4. How long have we been in business ?
5. Special offers
6. ISO Certification

Self Storage
1. Rental periods
2. Security deposits
3. How much is this security deposit ?
4. Holding deposits
5. How short / long can I store for ?
6. Access / parking
7. Packing materials
8. Storage for students
9. Do you have any shipping containers ?

Business Storage
1. What can my company store at Allstore ?
2. What storage options are there ?
3. Can you handle deliveries / collections for me ?
4. Can you arrange transportation for me ?
5. Can you hire machinery / equipment for me ?
6. Can I have 24-hour access to my storage area ?

Document Storage
1. What is Securafile ?
2. How big are your document cabinets ?
3. What are the storage periods ?
4. What other document storage options are there ?
5. Document shredding
6. Document scanning

Vehicle / Compound Storage
1. Storage periods
2. What sized / type of vehicle can I store ?
3. Is your compound secure ?
4. Can you store my vehicle indoors ?
5. Can you provide an electricity supply to my vehicle ?

Vehicle Hire / Man With a Van
1. Do you provide removals services ?
2. Do you rent vehicles ?

Allstore Storage

Allstore Storage is a purpose-built storage facility which has been designed to cater for a wide range of storage needs in Cornwall.

We offer a complete package of storage services from self storage rooms if you are moving house, renovating your existing property or just need to declutter your home to large or small volume warehouse storage for your companies products. Document storage ? no problem, we do that as well.

Allstore is located centrally in Cornwall about mid-way between Truro and Newquay and just off of the main A30 trunk road. Access is not a problem, our customers regularly have deliveries / collections by vehicles up to Articulated Lorry size and cranes / Hiabs regularly come and go to move static caravans and containers. Our central position also makes our facility ideal as a despatch / collection hub for the county.

We have been storing things here at Pendown Park for our customers since 2004 when we built our first block of self storage rooms. Since then pretty much each year we have been able to expand our facility and offer more storage options for Cornwall with our most recent additions being a number of 24-hour access storage units.

Special offers can come and go so make sure to look at our special offers page to see what is currently available.

In December 2012 Allstore were awarded the ISO 9001 - Quality Management and the ISO 14001 - Environmental Management for the Provision and Management of Storage Space.

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Self Storage

A rental period for our self storage rooms is one calendar month, this period starts on the date that you move your property into the room. Rental payments are due on the first day of the storage period. If you move into a storage room on the 5th of July for instance then your rental payments will be due on the 5th of each month following until you vacate the room.
Rental reductions are available for pre-paid periods of 6 months and 12 months, contact us for details.

A security deposit is payable on all storage rooms, this deposit is payable on the day that you move your property into the storage room and is refunded to you after you have vacated the room (subject to your rental being up to date and an inspection of the vacated room).

The security deposit is a one-off payment and is the equivalent of 1 months rental cost minus 20% VAT. So for a 60 square foot room with a monthly storage rental cost of £115.08 the security deposit payable would be £95.90.

A holding deposit is a £25.00 advance partial payment of the security deposit, if you pay a holding deposit on a storage room then we can reserve or hold that particular room for you for up to 1 calendar month. When you move your property into the room then the £25.00 already paid is deducted from your security deposit so it is not an additional payment merely an advance payment so we will hold the room for you.

The minimum storage period is 1 calendar month and there is no maximum period, we have customers that have been storing with us since we opened our facility in 2004.

The vehicle access areas to our storage blocks are undercover so regardless of the weather conditions you can load / unload your property in the dry. Vehicles as large as articulated lorries can use these indoor access points with no problems. If you are using a number of vehicles then outside parking spaces are available for use while using our facilities.

Packing materials are available at a good price from our shop. Boxes, bubble wrap, tape, dust covers and more are kept in stock, prices can be provided upon request.

Every summer we cater for a large number of students who have to empty their digs for the holiday period. Our smallest self storage room - the 10 square foot - is usually ideal for this.

We do not provide any self storage in containers, only in our indoor secure storage rooms. However we are happy to store any shipping containers or similar in our external secure compound. So basically if you have a container that you wish to store then we can certainly do that for you.

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Business Storage

There is not a lot that we cannot safely store at Allstore. Furniture, heavy machinery, electrical equipment, electricity generating equipment, food and drink products, high end audio / visual products, jacuzzis and even a complete travelling theatre ! Whatever you need to store then there is a very good chance that we will be able to help you.

Every business storage customer at Allstore has a storage solution that has been tailored specifically for them, for example business A has a large number of pallets coming and going each month so their storage package is based on a per-pallet system whereas business B store items of furniture with us so prefer a square footage area of warehouse space charged each month. There are a number of options available and what is suitable for one business may not be for another business, we like to call it intelligent warehouse storage as it can and will change as your business' needs change.

A number of our customers require deliveries or collections to or from their storage rooms / areas. This can be a problem for them if they cannot get here to oversee the process themselves. This is service that we provide on a daily basis. We can take delivery of products for you and place them in your room / storage area without the need for you to be here. We can do the same for collections by your customers or couriers. At Allstore we consider ourselves as an extension of your own company and carry out these tasks accordingly and to your specifications.

We can arrange transportation for you from a man and his van up large articulated lorries we have even hired cranes and Hiabs for customers. We have great relations with many transportation companies as they collect and deliver to Allstore regularly.

Machinery and equipment can be hired on your behalf by Allstore, need a Hiab and truck to bring your industrial fish freezer to Allstore for storage, no problem, we can arrange that for you.

We have a number of 24-hour access units at Allstore, availablity changes so please enquire for details.

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Document Storage

The Securafile Safe Cabinets have been purpose built to cater for all operational types of business, to safely and securely store documents, records and files, designed to store class A or B documents and addresses the four most important elements for document storage administration; Security, Efficiency, Protection and Access.

The cabinet capacities are measured by how many archive boxes they will take (385mm x 290mm x 260mm). Cabinets come in 30, 33, 36, 48, 56, 72 and 80 box capacities.

The minimum period of storage for a Securafile document cabinet is 1 year, there is no maximum period of storage.

Class B: Securafile Shelf Span is an open access shelving system housed in a secure area which offers document and record protection with monitored and controlled access. This option is designed to store large volumes of less sensitive documents and files, usually referred to as Class B records.

Class C: Securafile Deep Archive Storage is a cost effective document storage service enabling you to retain documents, files and records during the last stages of their valuable operational life.

The confidential shredding and disposing of data, files and documents which you no longer require. The service is tailored to your individual requirements and regular collections from your premises or elsewhere can be set up to suit your needs or if you simply have a one-off batch of documents to be shredded. A certificate of destruction will be provided upon request.

Our document scanning service is equipped with the latest production scanners enabling a high volume of scans to be conducted in a short period of time. Our “Scan and Search Service” converts your archive data into electronic format enabling easy retrieval from any location without the need to physically obtain the archived material from storage. Our Scan and Search Service can, in many cases, reduce the document storage costs and improve efficiency in your office.

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Vehicle / Compound Storage

Storage periods for vehicle storage in our secure compound area come in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 month pre-paid blocks with the equivalent daily rate getting cheaper the longer the period.

In our compound we have stored cars, vans, buses, caravans, static caravans, diggers, lorry trailers, boats, shipping containers, cranes, catering trucks and heavy plant machinery.

Our compound area can only be entered via a locked gate and is accesssible only during our opening hours. No-one can enter or leave the compound without being recorded on our CCTV system.

We can store vehicles indoors but the costs are considerably more expensive than our outdoor compound area, this is due to the fact that our indoor storage areas are priced per square foot for business / warehouse storage which is more expensive than vehicle storage.

The provision of an electricity supply is situational and the price / availability of this service can be provided on request.

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Vehicle Hire / Man With a Van

We do not offer removals services ourselves, however we do have close links with a number of local / national and international companies who can provide these services for you, please ask for details.

Allstore have a partnership with Europcar and can help you get vehicle rental at a reduced rate, simply click on the image below to book your reduced price vehicle rental.

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